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Carolina Traveler: Amphicar

A car made to run on land and in the water, actually sold back in the 1960s. But that was a long time ago, until one man got ahold of one, a man who was \

Uw Garage: Amphicar 770 - bouwjaar 1964

In de rubriek Uw Garage vertellen lezers over hun bijzonder auto of klassieker. Peter van de Merwe uit Dordrecht was al tijden geïnteresseerd in de Amphicar.

Schwimmwagen, Amphicar Oldtimer-Treffen in Traben-Trarbach Mosel 2014

Oldtimer-Rallye , Amphicar, Schwimmwagen, Amphibius, Amphib,Watercar Traben-Trarbach http://amphicar.purzuit.com/video/z2nE74X0P10.html&t=38s Eine ...

1962 Amphicar , We go for a swim with \

Dave The Wave drove to Dixon, Illinois to take Grampa Wave for a ride on the Rock River in his Amphicar. After some negotiations they had lunch at The Rivers ...


Check out this 1964 Amphicar on its maiden voyage after being restored and out of commission for more than 25 years. Gordon Hall of Milton-Freewater is the ...

Mit Stil: Amphicar 770 | DW Deutsch

Hanns Trippel produzierte als Autodidakt ab 1961 das Amphicar Modell 770, das weltweit erste, in Serie gebaute Amphibienfahrzeug für Privatkunden.

Oldtimer Schwimmwagen-Amphicar Watercar Compilation 2018

Zum 4. mal innerhalb der 28 jährigen Geschichte der Amphib findet das Internationale Treffen in Traben-Trarbach am 03.08.2014 statt. Es nehmen ca.

Top 10 Amphibious Cars

10. Gibbs Quadski: This is the Gibbs Quadski, an amphibian that operates as both an ATV and a personal watercraft. Quadski is a 4-stroke car, and top speed of ...

Man Made: Rust to Ritches | Amphicar | E1

Man Made: Rust to Ritches | Amphicar | E1.

MotorWeek | Retro Review: Amphicar

It's time for water maneuvers!

Amphicar | Ranking the Cars

Ranking the Cars zie je elke vrijdag om 22.30 uur bij Veronica. Alles over dit programma vind je op: http://www.veronicatv.nl/rankingthecars.

VAREN in een AUTO (AmphiCar)| Zoek het Uit | Bucket Boys

Ja hoor! Discovery is zo gek geweest om ons een TV programma te geven. Vanaf 26 september presenteren wij elke dinsdag 20.30 How Do They Do It. Omdat ...

Pawn Stars: 1964 Amphicar 770 | History

Rick checks out a 1964 Amphicar 770 (\

Amphicar outtakes Mission Impossible

This video is cutting room floor stuff from the other Amphicar Mission Impossible and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang videos on this channel.

The Amphicar Aquatic Gets Wet | Wheeler Dealers

After a major retool, the boys christen their Amphicar and launch it into the Thames. It's all smiles for most of the trip but the test proves the car needs a tweak or ...

Our Amphicar POV Ride at BOATHOUSE Restaurant Downtown Disney / Disney Springs - Adventure Swim

We went for a \

Amphicar in Amsterdam 2018

Amphicar in Amsterdam 2018.


A local man owns one of the few amphicars ever made and he is taking Cambi out on the river today to see what it's like.

Amphicar 2018 Amsterdam Ilperveldtocht

Amphicar 2018 Amsterdam Ilperveldtocht Landsmeer.

Custom Amphicar Project From Hell! by Dave The Wave

We get a first glimpse of Dave The Wave's custom Amphicar project.

This 1963 Amphicar is an Amphibious Friend | Driving.ca

This loveable 1963 Amphicar 770 has sunk twice and has been brought back to life both times. For the owner, Fred Pierce, it's an amphibious friend that he'll ...

1965 Amphicar 770


Florida Amphicar Swim-In 2017

The 2017 Florida Amphicar Swim-In.


Sydney, Australia. Title reads 'First Car Under the Harbor Bridge'. MV. The Amphicar - amphibian car. MS. Man climbs in behind wheel of Amphicar. MS. The car ...

Mike Test Drives The Amphicar - Wheeler Dealers

Mike test drives an amphicar on the road...... And in the water. Will he sink and have to swim back to the workshop? Available now on iTunes ...

How to start an Amphicar

Keith explaining the basics- 1967 Amphicar (filmed May 2017)

Amphicar getting swamped in Sandusky by Cedar Point

1960's Amphicar in Sandusky Bay -

An Amphicar Ride At Sunset At Downtown Disney (Disney Springs)!!!

Check out Liz's channel here! www.youtube.com/discolizita If you need help planning your Universal Orlando Resort vacation contact or friends at ...

Video Extra Amphicar

Is it a car … or a boat cruising around Badin Lake in North Carolina?

The Price Is Right - What's Your Bid On This Amphicar? (April 1963)

Contestants bid on a stylish german-built Amphicar. It's a boat! It's a car! Bill Cullen hosts the festivities.

FANTOMWORKS T4 ep10 - Amphicar 1967 / Austin 10 Sherborne 1936

NÃO ESQUEÇA DE SE INSCREVER E DEIXAR O SEU LIKE!!!! OBRIGADO!!! Tom e Patti querem dirigir seu Amphicar 1967 na terra e na água, mas o híbrido ...

Amphicar Video

A car for the land and the sea and this gem did it all. The powerplant was the 1147 cc (69 in³) engine from the British Triumph Herald 1200. Many engines were ...

Anfibios amphibious vehicles amphicar car 770-1961-1968 A true Survivor

Saw this anfibios car in Beloit Wisconsin today 8/21/11 this was the cars first dip in the water amphicar 770 - 1961 - 1968 A true Survivor amphibious vehicles ...

Amphicar - der schwimmende Oldtimer | Motor mobil

Eine Garage in der Münchener Innenstadt. Hier hütet Richard Orthuber seinen größten Schatz: ein Amphicar Typ 770. Der seltene Oldtimer ist nicht der ...

A Ride in an Amphicar

Huell Howser takes a ride on lake Castaic in an Amphicar. This clip is from one of his shows which air on KCET Los Angeles.

1964 Amphicar

1964 Amphicar Shawnigan Lake Show & Shine 2013 Vancouver Island Canada More Videos From The Show ,Playlist Link Below ...

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